Overleveling is a real problem.

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Overleveling is a real problem.

Beitragvon jensenbreck » Mo Nov 27, 2017 4:00 pm


Overleveling has become a real problem, and if you don't think so it's just 'cause you don't want to see it (Or well, maybe 'cause you are part of the problem).
Every season is just getting harder, and sadly it's not because the players are getting better, it's because the bad players are getting better cards. Between 3000-4600 trophies the game has become really unfair. I'm lvl 11 in 4300-4600 cups, and it's ridiculous to match lvl 10 people with max common cards, and even max rare cards, this just sucks when your commons are lvl 11 and your rares are lvl 8-9. Everything here is just decks with all lvl 13 common cards, and yeah, maxed E. Barbs and RG (don't forget those lvl 10 hogriders) . I know, it's not impossible to play, but it's pretty annoying to play every single battle against the same decks, and the worst part is that you can't play what you want because your deck need to be made to stop hog riders, E. Barbs and RG. I know this is a very common complaint, but you just ignore it. Do you want a real balance? Why not to fix the match-making and focus on the real problems in this game, we don't want new gamemodes or whatever, we want a fair game, and not the thing we have now. Why not a card level limit based on your tower level? Why not a match-making that consider the cards level? Why not make all cards viable and fix the OP cards (yeah, i'm talking about hog rider [i'm a hog rider player and i accept it, it's a bit OP], knight, etc)? Come on guys, I know there's something to do.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

https://forum.supercell.com/showthread. ... al-problem

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